About Mechi Cables Mechanical Keyboard Store

Mechi Cables is the product of too much spare time and a desire for a mechanical keyboard to have the best-looking cable friend possible. The one straight out of the box just doesn’t cut it, seriously Ducky, what’s your deal?! From there a passion was born to add that little extra desk flair. After shopping online and seeing how expensive cables were… (don’t get me started on the shipping rates out there.) We decided to share our passion project with other keyboard enthusiasts and create a place where you don’t have to wait 6 weeks for a pre-designed cable. 

With a career in Graphic Design and Web Development, a cat who runs the show, and a wife with a keen eye for quality. We knew it was possible to give you the best cables that wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to purchase (unless you cant a LEMO connector). Mechi Cables are made right here in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, and are shipping throughout North America. Now we set out to share our creations with all the other mechanical keyboard lovers like you.

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